Shadows Fall Behind [YA Contemporary]Maybe it’s okay to fall as long as we have no regrets in the end.

This story blends together three cultures: American, Indian, and Korean. As a result, Fridays on this blog are “Foreign Fridays.” I use them to talk about Indian and Korean culture, customs, and anything I want to talk about this is related to those cultures.

Synchronicity [YA Urban Fantasy]Is it someone’s essence or his actions that make him a monster?

Since this is urban fantasy, Mondays on this blog are “Mystical Mondays,” where I talk about:

  • Supernatural/fantasy/paranormal/urban fantasy/horror/thriller books/movies/TV shows/dramas that I’m watching or have watched
  • Interesting myths from around the world
  • Inspiration
  • Anything to do with fantasy or the supernatural


This is for any of my other novels.


This is for bits and pieces that might be related to SynchronicityShadows Fall Behind, or any other novel. If it’s listed here, it means I don’t want to identify which novel it comes from–in order to avoid spoilers 😉


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