SHINee – Dream Girl

(SHINee’s back!)

SHINee’s new album and music video for Dream Girl dropped on February 19th, and I really like it! This might be an unpopular opinion but Girl’s Generation’s I Got a Boy isn’t my favorite song of this year. It’s strangely catchy, but it also feels a little disjointed and seems to lack any cohesiveness. Super Junior M’s Break Down and now SHINee’s Dream Girl having a refreshing quality to them and both have me impressed by SM Entertainment.

Unlike most other SHINee songs, it seems that SM Entertainment didn’t focus on SHINee’s dancing and choreography in this music video. It isn’t bad, necessarily, but it was a little strange when I expected to see some awesome dancing.

All in all, I love this song and think SM Ent seems to be taking a great direction (fingers crossed!).