Foreign Friday: Holi

Holi festival the big toss by -vannie-lou

Holi Hai! During Holi, the sky is filled with colors. People attack each other with them, essentially tie-dying formerly white clothes and getting on hair and skin. The Festival of Colors is certainly one of the most enjoyable Hindu holidays. Where I come from in India, it’s also the chance for people to set aside old rivalries and start afresh with the people they know. I love that idea because I love the idea of everyone getting along (although it admittedly doesn’t make for a very good story).

For anyone who’s in the Bay Area, there are a few chances to join in on the fun: the Sunnyvale temple, Stanford, and Berkeley, are all hosting their own Holi festivities!

Foreign Friday is an introduction to Indian and Korean culture in honor of my YA contemporary novel (tentatively titled) Shadows Fall Behind.


2 thoughts on “Foreign Friday: Holi

  1. The other day on Bing their wallpaper was a Holi festival pic; I was curious and checked it out. It seems like such an amazing thing! I love art and the vivid colors really appeal to me. I have added “Attend a Holi Festival of Colors” to my bucket list 🙂

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