Mystical Monday: Water Dragon

Water Dragon by ~martinradon on DeviantArt

I love dragons so much. Sometimes I complain to my ten and six-year-old cousins about how much I wish dragons existed, and how I’d love to have one. Since they are ten and six, of course they were right there with me!

Considering how much I adore dragons, how could I not include them in Synchronicity? I love the idea of a dragon made out of water. There’s so much creativity and inspiration to be found on sites like DeviantArt. It definitely helps spark ideas for my stories 🙂

Mystical Monday is about anything fantasy/supernatural/ethereal in honor of my YA Urban Fantasy novel, Synchronicity.


3 thoughts on “Mystical Monday: Water Dragon

  1. Well, after staring at that dragon in mind-boggling awe for several minutes, it occurred to me to comment on here. So, first up, uh, dragons are awesome. Second; yay,young writer! What is your story about, pray tell?

    1. Dragons ARE awesome!! And isn’t that a great image? I probably stared at it in mind-blogging awe for several minutes when I first saw it, too!
      I see you’re posting your story on your blog. I definitely need to check it out because one of mine (Synchronicity) is about vampires too!

      1. Good; we both agree dragons are awesome. Common ground! Yay! And I read your comment on my blog; thank you very much for the compliment and I hope you enjoy the rest as well and HOLY CRAP YOU’VE SEEN HELLSING?

        *Falls to knees.

        Someone. Who’s. Actually. Seen. Hellsing.

        I’m so happy right now. I must go check out your story before I explode of happiness.

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