Snippet Saturday #3 Max

The next time I saw Jess (other than little glances and hellos since we were neighbors, of course) was at a family party a year later. It was a little awkward at first, but both of us tested the waters and moved forward a bit more carefully. We were rediscovering our friendship.

I tried not to stare at her, but I couldn’t help. The last time I’d seen her, she was Jessica Park, the girl who was my best friend. When I saw her at the party, she was Jessica Park, the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. Her hair hung just above her shoulders the way it had when I’d first seen her years ago, but now she had long earrings and makeup. She wore a dress, too, that stopped above her knees (and got even shorter when she sat down).

I couldn’t tell you what the color of her dress was or what it even looked like. I was just so aware of her. She stretched her legs out in front of her, and I saw how perfect and smooth the skin was. I made sure to look away as I talked to her.

Since I wasn’t looking at Jess, I didn’t see her hand as it came up to my face and pulled it toward her. She smelled sweet, like some kind of flower, and her lips were soft and warm.

She leaned back with a little smile and whispered, “I’m sorry. I know it’s selfish, but I just wanted to make sure you were my first kiss.”

I didn’t tell her then that she was my first kiss too. After everything that happened between us, I couldn’t decide if I was happy or furious. But even then, I knew that was a lie. You don’t decide what you feel–you just feel it.

I don’t know if it’s true that love is like a flame (if it is, why’s it so hard to extinguish?), but it really did feel like one at the time–in fact, it felt like it went from a flame to a blazing fire.


Snippet Saturday is my chance to share bits and pieces of my writing.


Foreign Friday: Holi

Holi festival the big toss by -vannie-lou

Holi Hai! During Holi, the sky is filled with colors. People attack each other with them, essentially tie-dying formerly white clothes and getting on hair and skin. The Festival of Colors is certainly one of the most enjoyable Hindu holidays. Where I come from in India, it’s also the chance for people to set aside old rivalries and start afresh with the people they know. I love that idea because I love the idea of everyone getting along (although it admittedly doesn’t make for a very good story).

For anyone who’s in the Bay Area, there are a few chances to join in on the fun: the Sunnyvale temple, Stanford, and Berkeley, are all hosting their own Holi festivities!

Foreign Friday is an introduction to Indian and Korean culture in honor of my YA contemporary novel (tentatively titled) Shadows Fall Behind.



Exactly a year ago, I had an epiphany. I’d been complaining to every single one of my friends who would listen about how old I was because I was turning 23 (gasp!). I guess age does bring wisdom, because in the early hours of the morning when it became the 26th of March, I realized that I was thinking about it the wrong way.

I was lucky to be 23. So many people in the world aren’t fortunate enough to make it to that age, so who was I to moan and complain about something good?

Although I didn’t understand it then, I’m beginning to understand now why I was so distraught. I’m already 23, and I what have I done with my life? I don’t even have a book published yet, for heaven’s sake! That’s what was seared into my subconscious a year ago.

The truth is, I’ve done plenty, and I have time to do so much more. I wasn’t ready to have a book published a year ago. My writing’s improved drastically since then.

I believe in fate. I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe in the Law of Attraction.

This is why, I want to list 24 things I’m grateful for:

  1. My family (parents, sister, kitty, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, everyone)
  2. Growing up never wanting for anything
  3. Growing up in the Bay Area
  4. Having a college education
  5. All the places I’ve been able to travel to throughout my life
  6. That I’m in good health
  7. That I have things that I’m passionate about
  8. Spring
  9. That there is still beauty in the world
  10. That there is still wonder in the universe
  11. Meeting so many incredible, talented, and kind writers at the SF Writer’s Conference
  12. How simultaneously small and huge the world is
  13. My laptop
  14. All the experiences through my life that have made me who I am today
  15. Super Junior (this had to be 15 for the 13+2 members)
  16. My job
  17. Adobe Master Creative Suite CS6
  18. How easy it is to keep in touch with people all over the world (I can Skype or FaceTime with my grandparents in Mumbai!)
  19. Books
  20. Being able to love, appreciate, and adopt other cultures
  21. Being able to speak multiple languages
  22. That the world is filled with music and art
  23. The freedom to choose what I want to do with my life
  24. Being alive

Mystical Monday: Dancer

Dancer by Elda-QD

Something about this image looks quite ethereal. It’s incredibly beautiful. I have a huge affinity for Asian cultures, so this immediately grabbed my attention. On top of that, my other novel (not Synchronicity but the one that inspired Foreign Friday) has a lot to do with dance. With a combination of those three, there was no way I could just ignore this image!

I love the amount of detail to her clothes, the softness of her face, and the way her hair winds off like a river. It makes me want to know what her story is, and even inspires me to try and write it!

Mystical Monday is about anything fantasy/supernatural/ethereal in honor of my YA Urban Fantasy novel, Synchronicity.

Mystical Monday: Water Dragon

Water Dragon by ~martinradon on DeviantArt

I love dragons so much. Sometimes I complain to my ten and six-year-old cousins about how much I wish dragons existed, and how I’d love to have one. Since they are ten and six, of course they were right there with me!

Considering how much I adore dragons, how could I not include them in Synchronicity? I love the idea of a dragon made out of water. There’s so much creativity and inspiration to be found on sites like DeviantArt. It definitely helps spark ideas for my stories 🙂

Mystical Monday is about anything fantasy/supernatural/ethereal in honor of my YA Urban Fantasy novel, Synchronicity.

Foreign Friday: 3 Idiots

“Follow your passion, and success will follow you.” – Arthur Buddhold

In the world today, everything seems both possible and impossible. Anyone can record songs, make films, write novels because of [things] such as iTunes, YouTube, and Amazon. We no longer need to go through big companies. We can do this on our own. Because of this, there are more people than ever singing, acting, writing, etc. That’s why it sometimes feels impossible.

That’s where this movie (one of my absolute favorite Bollywood movies) comes in as a reminder to stop focusing on success and just follow your passions. It happens to me quite a bit: I worry about whether or not I can make anything of myself with my writing.

But then I ask myself why I write. The answer is simple: I write because I love it. I write because I can’t NOT write.

This movie captures that feeling beautifully. If you haven’t seen it–even if you don’t usually watch Bollywood films, I’d recommend it. You can find it on Netflix (although not on Instant Watch, unfortunately).

Foreign Friday is an introduction to Indian and Korean culture in honor of my YA contemporary novel (tentatively titled) Shadows Fall Behind.

Favorite from Cinequest: Anamnesis (short film)

I was thrilled that this short film in its entirety is available on YouTube. It was in the Mindbender shorts, which makes sense when you watch it. I found out today that the filmmakers are making a webseries of the same name based off the short film (which serves as a prologue for the series). Their kickstarter page says:

Anamnesis is a new sci-fi web series about a group of strangers who realize they are connected by shared, lucid dreams.

The film Anamnesis was created as part of a project the filmmakers did where they made a short film every month for a year based on constraints given to them by the audience. I haven’t yet seen the other films, but I’m excited for the webseries.